Why O’Hara flowers make the perfect gift

Flowers are sentimental, from gratitude to condolences, congratulations to I love you, by altering the colour and variety combination of your bouquet, flowers remain a meaningful gift for every moment. Gifting flowers is a century old tradition, used as a tool to convey emotions and express how we feel. Flowers are a tried and tested gift that will never disappoint.

The Studio O’Hara team creates memorable flower gifting moments, simplifying the experience for you along the way. Luxury flowers and premium gifting at the click of a confirmation button, our Forget Me Not Gifting calendar will remind you of all the moments to, well, not forget. Maybe you are gifting for a moment that wasn’t planned? We can deliver your flowers the same day to the Gold Coast and Brisbane region.

It’s no secret we are obsessed with flowers, it’s why we are here. But maybe you or your loved ones need some convincing to ditch the glassware and beach towels as gifting options and instead, gift with meaning, send flowers.

Moments make memories

Much like this present moment, flowers aren’t gifted with the intention to last a lifetime. The fleeting nature of their beauty reminds you to savor the scent and sight. There is something special about marking a significant moment with a visual token such as flowers. Unlike a gift voucher or an IOU because your gift hasn’t been delivered yet, our flowers are delivered on the day of the occasion, serving as a memory of the moment intended.

Express yourself

As mentioned earlier, we aren’t necessarily new to the bouquet game. Flowers have been used as a tool to convey emotions for a long time. No matter who you are gifting flowers to or the occasion, they remain a universally understood way of expressing your emotions, and a visually pleasing one too.

No ordinary bouquet

A signature O’Hara bouquet is no ordinary bouquet. We are talking about premium flowers that are uniquely arranged in an oversized bouquet, specifically for the recipient, making it an intimate and tailored experience. Your delivery will always include a keepsake polaroid of the one-of-a-kind design.

Whether you’re planning it or want to find a last-minute gift, flowers make great presents, and are considered the most appreciated gifts to give.

From being able to create memories to conveying emotions beautifully, flowers remain the ideal gift option for any occasion.