Forget Me Not | Valentine’s Day Flowers

Gifting flowers on Valentine’s Day represents a universal kind of love. The right bouquet is sentimental and unforgettable and can symbolise romantic, familial or platonic relationships. Because each of our relationships of love is so unique, our team creates one-of-a-kind flower bouquets to deliver to your loved ones in the South East Queensland region.

Our floral gifting calendar Forget Me Not was created to make these moments simple, allowing you to pre-order your Valentine’s Flowers today, and the ones you love receive a luxury bouquet sure to be savoured. Before you forget, click here to pre-order.

As a Gold Coast-based small business, we also want to share love with people in our community. Our gifting partners are Burleigh-based, Gin Distillery Wildflower Gin and Southport-based handcrafted chocolate kitchen, Little Cocoa. Our gift range is guaranteed to delight, packaged in our signature O’hara gift wrap, complete with a personalised gift card for guaranteed smiles all around.

Styled for love, an O’Hara Signature Bouquet is sure to melt the hearts of your loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Below are some of our favourite flowers for the day of love.

Red Roses

It feels silly saying it but the classics are classic for a reason. Red Roses are symbolic of all things love and a Valentine’s Day essential. We love adding touches or pink to add a modern twist and represent a poetic love.


Representing kindness and positivity, a Dahlia brings texture and playfulness to your bouquet. Depending on the season and availability, this bloom is also available in a wide range of colours, making it the perfect flower to speak to the different dimensions of love.


This flower is one of the oldest families of flowering plants. Regal by nature and name, we love adding orchids to our arrangements as a luxurious addition that adds dimension.


The heart-shaped flower is the no-brainer addition for Valentine’s Day, symbolising luck and positivity, this flower represents new love.

Love is love and flowers represent love.

Valentine’s Day (although we think every day is a good day for flowers) is the day of the year to send love and appreciation to all the important people in your life.